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Posted: 11 Januari 2010 in Pendidikan

Submit Your Blog’s Sitemap To BING, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and of course Google !
A detailed tutorial on how to submit your blog’s sitemap to Google has already been published on BloggerStop.
Although for most of the bloggers Google is the main source of traffic among all the search engines, but it doesn’t mean that you can ignore other search engines like Yahoo, MSN Live and

In case of Google, once you submit the sitemap, the process is quite automated and Google starts indexing your blog frequently. But for Yahoo, MSN and Ask you have to manually ping them occasionally. So here’s what you have to do to submit your sitemap to these lazy Search engines:

Copy and paste your sitemaps in a text file:


Remember to replace the text in bold with your own blog’s url.

Now in the address bar of your Internet browser (IE, Firefox, Opera etc.), paste these lines one by one and hit enter:
Submit Sitemap to Yahoo! :



Submit Sitemap to Windows Live:


Submit Sitemap to


NOTE: Change the links in BOLD, with your own Sitemaps (and instead of atom.xml you may use rss.xml too).

Although Yahoo! doesn’t guarantee to include your blog in to it’s directory, but of course there’s harm in pinging it once in a while…

Image credits: Dellustrations

*UPDATE: Now you may also submit your blog’s sitemap to BING, along with your blog’s url:

  1. idi berkata:

    thanks….atas info nya…

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